25 Beauty and Wellness Gifts Under $25

Ahhh! How is it already only 38 days until Christmas? I swear it was only the beginning of October like yesterday. Oh, well. The season of gifting has begun so I am going to be releasing 8 different gift guides over the next few weeks so get excited.

Let’s start with gift guide numero uno! Beauty and Wellness products under $25 dollars. Oh, and by the way… everything, EVERYTHING, on this list is something that I have used before or own and give my stamp of approval.

  1. Everybody needs a good body scrub. Winter is coming which means dry air and dry flaky skin and nobody wants that. Am I right? So pick up this Himalayan salt scrub for $12!
  2. I got a set of these Gold and Snail Hydrating eye patches a few months ago and I love them. It took me awhile to get use to them but they are amazing and leave the skin around my eyes feeling so firm after using them.
  3. Yoga or at least stretching is a necessity in your everyday routine. You can pick up the reversible yoga mat for $24. It’s non-slip and anti-tear so it will definitely last you for as long as you need.
  4. Salt Lamp! We have 3 of them around the house. Eddie loves to use one to fall asleep to and when even use them during the winter to help with seasonal depression! Get one yourself for $19.99!
  5. I love wearing a bold lip. Red and I just seem to agree with each other but there is no way that you can pull of any lipstick color if your lips are chapped and dry. I’ve been using Bliss’ lip scrub for years now and I absolutely love it!
  6. The Jade Roller can be found on almost all beauty blogs this year and I am so glad I gave in and picked one up. I use it in the morning before putting on my makeup and it is sooo refreshing while also brightening my skin and shrinking my pores. If anything this is a must for your Christmas list this year!
  7. Laneige! Oh, the things I can say about this amazing Korean water mask. First off I’ve literally been using their products for 5 years now. Their sleep mask is rated very highly by beauty bloggers as being effective and cheap! It leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and dewy that you don’t even want to wash your face in the morning!
  8. The Five Minute Journal has been around for years and is a great affirmation journal. You spend a few minutes in the morning and the evening filling out your intentions for the day so that you can be more mindful.
  9. There is nothing better than a relaxing bath with soaking salts. I personally love the calming blend but Anthro also has a detox blend!
  10. Lipstick Queen is my favorite lipstick brand out there! I’ve been using their green frog blend for years. It uses the natural pigments in your body to form the perfect shade of pink for your lips. They have a trio pack on sale right now so you can try 3 different shades from pink, red and a blue tint.
  11. I’m going to be completely transparent in saying I am terrible at taking care of my nails and am still know to bite them from time to time when I get anxious. So that’s where Nail Therapy comes in hand. I use them once a month sometimes more to help strengthen my nails and help with my cuticles. I recommend keeping them on for an hour btw.
  12. GlamGlow has got to be one of my favorite beauty brands. Julia from Gal Meets Glam introduced the brand to me years ago – she swears by the super mud treatment mask – I have to agree with her because that mask is pure magic. Whenever you feel a breakout coming or your skin just feels a little off put on this mask and it will solve all your problems. No Joke. I also love their hydrating mask for winter and started using their firming mask now that I’ve reached the latter part of my 20’s.
  13. Okay, so this was one product I was hesitant to get because I thought it would be painful. But I have to admit that I actually love my derma roller. It has really helped with old scarring on my skin and helps brighten my skin by helping produce collagen. I know it may seem scary but once you make the initial leap you will see that it’s not even painful and you get great results!
  14. I used BareMinerals when I was younger and completely forgot about them until Julia (Gal Meets Glam) once again brought them to my attention and I ordered the Stroke of Light asap. I love this stuff. I always have dark circles under my eyes because I never can seem to get enough sleep. This stuff works wonders and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know for years!
  15. So this amika blowout spray is the bomb! I swear by it! I don’t really need it for volume because I have thick hair but it really does give my hair a blowout professional look even though I just jiggle my hair dryer around like a crazy lady and don’t even bother with brushing it. However, my poor sister has really thin hair and she absolutely loves this product!
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  16. I ran across these K-Beauty peach slices masks at CVS and after using just one I knew they would become a staple in my beauty regimen. They’re all $2.49 a piece so it’s basically a steal! My suggestions are the firming mask, brightening mask, and their hydrating mask. They have others but I haven’t personally tried them before so I can’t give you an honest review.
  17. It’s a beauty blender and if you haven’t had one by now then I don’t know what to say to you. My Beauty Blender transformed the way my makeup looks! I get a new one each year because I’m terrible at cleaning them but I’m telling you your makeup will go on so smoothly you won’t know what to do with yourself. Just remember it’s a sponge so you have to wet it before you use it to apply makeup. Also, I don’t suggest getting the ones from Target because they are crap.
  18. So as you know if you’ve been around the blog for awhile. I love essential oils! If you’re not into essential oils for wellness (I use it to mix blends to help with anxiety and sleep) then you can at least appreciate it for being a healthy and affordable “candle”. I personally have this diffuser and it’s amazing!
  19. Dry brushing is one of my favorite beauty and wellness techniques. Before each shower, I dry brush and it is amazing for your skin. Especially in the winter. It helps to get rid of all the dead skin, unclog pores and get rid of toxins in your body. If you want to learn about the benefits or dry brushing and techniques check out this post here.
  20. This acupuncture mat gets used daily in my house. Eddie tries to steal it from me all the time. I use it for back pain and headaches. It’s also great for stress relief and relaxation. “The mat is believed to increase circulation and blood oxygenation and is suitable for people with low levels of energy, high levels of stress, insomnia, backache, and depression. By releasing this inner tension, we release a lot of the problems from depression to tense neck/shoulders and poor digestion.” Buy one, you won’t regret it! They also have a pillow that I use on my lower back when sitting at work.
  21. Everyone needs a good hair mask to use once or twice a month to keep your hair healthy and smooth. Living Proof has an amazing restore mask treatment.  Personally, I use it twice a month just on my ends and even though I have thick hair it works wonders.
  22. We all need new perfume and some of you may already have a staple in your life but if you don’t or you’re looking for something new I suggest checking out this amazing deal from Sephora. You can get this sample pack with seven different quality brands. Once you find the one you like the most you can to any Sephora store and get a travel size bottle or rollerball for free. Also, these are great for trips and to have in your purse for those unexpected drinks out with friends. Personally, the Atelier vanilla is my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e but it’s a bit expensive!
  23. Bath bombs. Enough said. Well, actually I could tell you that Eddie uses them more than I do and he loves them! ha!
  24. Part 1: If you’re looking for a gift for your aunts or someone at work this Philosophy hand soap and lotion set is a good gift! Part 2: You have to have a set of essential oils for your diffuser. I personally use Plant Guru and love them and think they are a lot more affordable then Young Living. Plus, you can get them off Amazon!
  25. We all need to work on staying hydrated! I know I am terrible at it and water is just so bland so I like to have a diffusor bottle so that I can add fruits to liven things up! Plus, it’s a 32 ounce so it will help you get your daily intake without a ton of refills!

Share with your friends on social media and be on the lookout for the next gift guide tomorrow! Also, all of these guides will be put into one spot that we will be calling Santas Workshop for the season. Be sure to check there daily for new deals!

Let's go shopping!



Thanks for this! I am starting my holiday shopping and I’m completely at a loss this year. So stressful. I need just one of each of these to give out as gifts.


I love all of these ideas! I’ve been really curious about the Jade Roller, so it’s nice to hear your review!

Kimberly Jansen

I love gifts guides! I know I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my own list (and sharing this on Pinterest).


LOVe the idea of a diffuser water bottle! I may have to get a few of those for my friends this year, also i’m dyingggg to try the living proof mask!!! Love this gift guide

Shannon Mahaney

I LOVE my diffuser! I ended up buying a second one for my office. I am in the market for a travel yoga mat. SOmething light and easy to transport. Great recommendations!


Can i get all of these in my stocking, please? I actually kust bought myself some Beauty Blenders for my husband to stick in my stocking for me Ha!


So many great items! I am loving all of the beauty products!


Love this list! I’ve been so interested in the jade roller.

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