15 Things You Forget to Do Before Traveling

15 Things You Forget To Do Before Traveling

 Pay off your bills before you leave or schedule automatic payments. 

I never think of this until I’m on the trip. Thankfully my husband is always on top of this. You don’t want to come home with no electricity or have an annoying amount of late fees to pay.

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Put mail on hold or have a friend hold it for you. 

You don’t want strangers knowing that you’re away, also you don’t want your mailbox overstuffed. You can go to your local USPS website to request to hold your mail. If that’s not the route you want to take then you can ask a neighbor or friend (nearby- don’t make them go out of the way) to pick it up for you.  

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 Make copies of important items.

 Be sure to have copies of your passport, credit cards, tickets, and itineraries to have with you in case you lose them on your trip. You can always have paper copies or scanned copies in your email whatever works best for you.

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 Call your bank. 

Let your bank or credit card provider know that you’re going to be out of town that way they don’t put a hold on your funds. 

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 Sort out work responsibilities – calendar and email. 

Be sure to remind co-workers that you will be gone so they know you won’t be available during your trip. That being said check your work calendar to see what commitments you have made while you’re away. Make sure to reschedule them. Also, remember to create an automated email response or even a personalized voicemail to let people who are trying to get in touch with you know that you’re out of town and when you’ll be back. 

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 Sort through your wallet and remove items you don’t need for your trip. 

Make sure to remove any card that you won’t need and that you don’t want to lose. Also, remember to have enough room for foreign currency. Currency notes are different in every country – something my husband struggles with. 

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 Clean the house.  

Often when we’re packing and getting ready for a trip the last thing we want to do is clean. However, after a long trip or flight you can feel exhausted and nobody wants to come home to a dirty house.

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Unplug and switch off

Remember to turn everything off and if you have the time unplug. It will help you conserve energy and money.

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 Comforting your animals.

 Somehow, some way, my dog always knows when I’m about to be traveling. She stares at the suitcase like it’s her rival. Remember to show them extra attention because while you’re out gallivanting around on your trip you need to remember that there whole world is being turned upside down right now. A vet once recommended I leave something in their crates that smells like me; like an old tee shirt or blanket I didn’t mind getting rid of. 

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Make a checklist of things to bring and double-check it.

 These lists should include things like passports, boarding passes, money, chargers, prescriptions, itinerary, confirmation numbers, camera, emergency contact numbers, and more. 

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 Clean out your fridge, pantry, and trash. 

I, myself, always forget this one. Clean out your fridge. Any perishables need to go. While you’re at it clean out the pantry as well and then take out the trash so your home will smell fresh when you get back.

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 Wash your sheets and laundry. 

Make sure all the laundry is clean; when you get home from your trip you’ll have enough dirty clothes to deal with. Last but not least, after being in hotel beds you’ll be looking forward to being back in your own bed, so make sure your sheets are cleaned before you leave.

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 Pack your chargers, and fully charge your electronics. 

We often forget to pack our chargers when we’re leaving for a trip, this leads to us buying some from the area we’re visiting, which can be pricey. Remember to pack your chargers before you leave. Another tip is to fully charge your electronics the night before the trip, that way everything is available when you need it.

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 Put liquid items in plastic bags. 

Probably the most important thing to do! You need to make sure to put your liquid items: cosmetics, toiletries, etc into plastic bags. This will help to make sure that they aren’t confiscated by customs and most importantly to make sure they don’t leak into your bag. 

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 Let love ones know you’re traveling.

This may seem odd but I cannot tell you how many relatives have gotten upset with me for not informing them of my travels. If you’re as independent as I am then it’s possible your parents may not even know you’re traveling.

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These are great tips! We just recently went camping and had zero internet access. If we had needed to pay bills, we would have been out of luck!


    Thank you, camping is fun, but it’s always great to unplug. Good thing everything was taken care of before your adventure. Hope you had fun!

Sharyn Nilsen

Great tips. We travel for years at a time, so I’d hope not to forget any of them. I actually wrote a book on all the things you need to do before heading off on a long term trip. Search for “Get Away Worry Free. Pre-trip tips for long term trips” if your heading off on a biiig adventure.


    Thank you! Long term travel is the best, I will definitely take a look into that book of yours.

Rosemary David

These are tips that can be very useful, esp for traveler and thrill seekers.

Kimberly Olsen

Great post! I always forget to call the bank and then my card inevitably gets declined…


    That’s the worst! I hate when my cards get frozen, I get all flustered and angry.


I always overprepare if I’m going away for a week or longer and these are things I’m not likely to forget. I always fret over them. On the other hand, when I leave for a day or two I end up forgetting nearly everything. Last weekend I left home without memory cards for my camera and while I was there I left some clothes behind in my hostel. Maybe I should write a checklist for short trips instead. Still saving this for future reference, just in case.


    That’s the same case for me! We rented a cabin the other week and I somehow forgot to pack any shoes! Yes, shoes! I wore slippers in the car, which was a last minute decision. I felt so dumb when I made the realization!

Indio John

Great guide. These points should be consider before travelling.

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