11 Cheap and Exciting Activities To Fill Your Summer Days

Cheap and Exciting Activities To Fill Your Summer Days

Edward and I love to have fun and we don’t mind spending the money to do so but we also challenge ourselves every once in awhile to have “cheap days”. These are days where everything we do is free or extremely cheap.

We plan these days in between big weekends and events and on days where we just want to be care free. So I decided I would share with you all my tips on how to have an exciting summer day without breaking the bank.

Spend the weekend getting to know your city again!

It’s easy for us to get in a rut and constantly find ourselves at the same spots again and again. Get online, do a little research and plan a fresh weekend itinerary. Personally, Thrillist is my favorite website to find cool concerts, festivals and restaurants to try around the city! Below I have linked an article with six fun and exciting things you can do around your city this summer.

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Go to a local Farmer’s Market.

Farmers Markets are great. Every city and small town has them and it’s a great place to stock up on locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables for the week. Some farmers markets even have cheap food stands or live music and yoga classes going on. They usually held every Saturday morning throughout the spring, summer, and fall. It’s a great way to start off your weekend and get some shopping in at the same time. Be sure to look up one in your area and add it to your weekly calander.

Spend a day relaxing at the park!

Cheap and Exciting Activities To Fill Your Summer Days

Grab a book, pack a picnic and bring your comfiest blanket.There’s nothing better than lounging in the shade at your favorite park and soaking up some Vitamin C! If you have a hammock I suggest bring that along with you as well and posting up in the park for the afternoon.


Invite a few good friends over and set up a smores bar so you can all sit outside roasting marshmallows while making yummy treats and having a great conversation. Sometimes the best memories are of the small moments with people you really care about!

Visit Conservatories and Museums.

Most cities have a conservatory or zoo that you can visit for free! They aren’t;t as large or as nice but it will still be a fun. A lot of aquariums also have days of the week where they have discounted rates for students and children. You can also visit a lot of these places for free on birthdays, just sayin’! You can even reserve free or discounted entry through your local library.

Rent a ride share bike!

Cheap and Exciting Activities To Fill Your Summer Days

Most cities these days have bikes throughout the city that you can rent for a few hours for cheap. Get one with a friend and bike around the city to find a new coffee shop or boutique you didn’t know about before. You can download the Strava running and cycling app. It will have GPS so you can find your way around the city, it also tracks your time and distance and provides you with cool route made by locals in your area.

Go antique shopping.

You don’t have to buy anything but you can look! One of Edward and I’s favorite past times is to have a cheap day where we grab lunch and spend the day browsing through antique and thrift shops throughout the city. I can spend hours just going through old records. We like to look for cool pieces to put around the house and some days we come home with a piece or two and other we come home empty handed but either way we have fun.

Look up Festivals in your area.

Most cities have a website dedicated to what is happening around town. Not all festivals are free but a lot of them are. You can also search for other free events such as music in the park, art festivals and so much more. Edward and I have gone to so many festivals this summer and we haven’t paid for a single one. Also, remember to look up festivals around the holidays.

Get out of town and go on a hike!

Cheap and Exciting Activities To Fill Your Summer Days

Drive a little way out of town and find a state park that is less crowded and take a hike. Make an afternoon of it and bring some drinks and snacks. It’s so refreshing to get out of town for a bit and take in the scenery around you. Eddie and I like to make a new playlist and bring our portable speaker and just spend the day getting lost on different trails. Just make sure that your phone is charged in case of emergencies. I suggest taking this rechargeable battery with you!

Check out a free movie in the park.

I guarantee you that at least one of your local parks will be playing free movies once a week throughout the summer. I recently took my nephew to see Mrs. Doubtfire. We packed a little picnic basket with popcorn and a few treats and chilled at the park and watched one of my favorite childhood movies. The whole ordeal only cost me $5 dollars in candy.

Go to dinner with Groupon!

I use Groupon for some many things but one thing Edward and I recently started doing is looking for restaurant deals through Groupon. Some of our favorite places surprisingly had deals on Groupon and we were able to have dinner for half the price than usual. You don’t just have to look for dinner deals they also have a lot of good brunch and dessert shop deals as well. Remember that you can also use Groupon for everyday adventures and needs.

Also, side note… What I like to do at the beginning of each month is friend free, fun and cheap things happening around the city and add them to my calendar. This ensures me that Edward and I always have something to do if we have free time. I put in happy hours at my favorite restaurants, days when movie theaters are doing deals or when bowling is half price. Anytime there is free yoga in the city or a festival. I promise this is a game changer and will only take up an hour of your time each month!


Katya Bychkova | StyleSprinter

These are such great ideas! I often go to read a book in the park but i need to do more things like going to the farmers market – it sounds healthy and it’s so good for my health!


Jen @ My Healthy Homemade Life

Great ideas! I hadn’t thought of Groupon for restaurants. I’m to to check that out! Thanks!


Love these ideas! I always forget all the fun things there are to do in my own town. I’ll be saving this list for future inspiration!


Great ideas and activities for summer!

Emily of Em Busy Living

I find so many local events by scrolling through the local events tab on Facebook. I’m always surprised by how many free things there are to do around me on weekends. Taking trips to the farmers market is the best way to start a Saturday morning.

    Alexandria Drake

    I never get on Facebook so I don’t think to do that anymore but I use to do that in college to find events! I love Saturday Farmers Markets but I always end up missing so many because I sleep in!

Shelby Peterson

this is a fantastic post, especially when you’re fresh out of ideas on what to do!


Yes! Love farmer markets!! Always find amazing new things!


    Farmers* 😀


These sound amazing! Wish I had some of these ops in Hong Kong

Elizabeth Mayberry

I love the idea of writing down all the deal days!! What a great idea!!

Amy Bjorneby

There is nothing better than checking out the local farmers market! Love your list of ideas, I need to try to do more of these! 🙂

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