10 Tips to Make Your Flight More Comfortable

Throughout the years I’ve traveled quite a bit. Near and far, and through my traveling, I have picked up on some tips that will help make your flight a bit more manageable and a lot comfier. If you have any suggestions of your own be sure to leave them below in the comments!

Stay Organized



Make sure to dress in something breathable and comfy. You may want to bring along a scarf or cardigan because it can sometimes get chilly on the plane. Also, make sure to bring an extra outfit in your carry-on in case your luggage gets misplaced or in case you’re a clutz like me and need to change mid-flight. If you’re going on a long flight you may also want to bring along a pair of compression socks.


Hate having a dead phone or laptop? Who doesn’t? Make sure not to forget it at home or pack it away, so just like with your headphones wrap it up and place it in your carry on.


If I’m bringing a (laptop, jewelry bag, camera – etc.) I like to make sure to have them on me at all times. It’s easy for things to get lost and thrown around during travel so I like to know I am accountable for whatever happens to my prized possessions.


To help you keep a piece of mind I would pack your itinerary in your carry on. Even if you are an organized person it is easy to mistake a takeoff time or be anxious about where you need to be when you land. Bonus to this is that I like to study the itinerary and brainstorm attractions and restaurants that I would like to visit on my trip.


Hydrate & Fuel Yourself


Water Bottle

I like to pack my own water bottle for flights for several reasons. One is that I don’t want to spend $ on a water after I cross the security point. Two is that if I have my own water handy I’m free to order wine when the attendants come around. Note: remember to have the water bottle empty and only fill up after you’ve gone through all of your security checkpoints.

Healthy Snacks

Food at the airport can be $$$ and nobody likes that, but what they like even less is being hungry. On top of all that, during an international flight that only last 14 hours they seem to feed you enough to last you for two days and the food is nothing special. That being said I like to carry almonds and various other nut mixes to snack on and it helps keep you healthy (it also allows you to pass on some of their not so healthy meal options). I am a huge fan of Graze, click here for your first free box.


Entertain Yourself


Reading materials

There’s nothing worse than being bored on a flight! Be sure to remember your headphones if they offer in-flight movies. Unfortunately, shorter domestic flights don’t provide entertainment, therefore, you’ll have to bring your own. I suggest downloading and audiobook**link, bring a favorite magazine or book. If you don’t feel like lugging around a book your whole trip them you can simply bring a Kindle or Ipad.


You don’t have to be a germaphobe to know that you shouldn’t use the airplane try and you should never use a pair of airline headphones. Just no people. Ok! Bring your own pair, either a pair that comes with your phone or a nice pair of noise canceling headphones so that you can block out the word around you. Keep them from getting lost or tangled by wrapping them up in the adorable cord tacos.


Health and Wellness



I always make sure to have a little carry-on bag of toiletries (I even carry one in my purse every day) this bag should contain hand sanitizer, Listerine mouth spray, hair brush, hand cream and oil absorbing face wipes. I also like to carry some makeup including a compact, mascara wand and my favorite lip balm and gloss.

Eye mask & Earplugs

Yes, I’ve already recommended that you bring noise canceling headphones but they’re not comfortable to wear once you fall asleep, therefore, you need to pack a pair of ear plug. You can get a large pack of 50 off Amazon for only $12 dollars. Also, If you’re like me you’ll want to bring along a face mask to block out all the sights and light around you. This is my favorite pair that I swear by.




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Natalie Tanner

Very succinct list! I would add more if you were traveling with those screaming kids 😉 Enjoy the travels!
Natalie, The Educational Tourist

Dina Farmer

Big Fail on my recent flight from the mainland to Hawaii. Make sure you have enough diapers. Check and double check and maybe even consider purchasing overpriced diapers at the airport before you take off. I would also say to packing some of those small snack trays you can get at Target. They keep my kiddo full between meals if we are on a longer flight that way we don’t have to pay too much money on the plane.

And finally deodorant, nothing like smelling yourself after an 8 hour flight. I always have a travel deodorant I keep in my diaper bag to freshen up.

Lauren @ atipsygypsylife.com

I completely agree with keeping the valuables on me! Even things like my prescriptions that I know might be a struggle to obtain abroad. Great tips 🙂

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